Two sources of BAF funding are available to your team:

1)  Your BAF-managed Restricted Team Fund, which includes direct donations and team fund-raising proceeds

2) Grants from the BAF General Fund.

All Expenses are subject to the same Berkeley Athletic Fund Funding Guidelines

BAF is subject to strict spending guidelines.  The guidelines below apply to both a requisition from a Team Fund and a Grant Application from the BAF General Fund

  • – As a 501c3 non-profit organization, IRS regulations govern how money can be spent.
  • – The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and the North Coast Section (NCS) both have guidelines for team expenses that must be followed

To protect our tax-deductible status and our athletic program and its student athletes, here is an overview of what can and cannot be funded by the Berkeley Athletic Fund, from both the General Fund and from Team Funds. This is not a complete list. Please contact us with any specific questions.


  • – Uniform items that are required by NCS, including but not limited to helmets, jerseys, pants, shin guards, hats, mouth guards, etc. All items are and remain the property of the BHS athletic department to be used in subsequent seasons, with the exception of items that cannot be used by another athlete for sanitary reasons, such as mouth guards, swimsuits, socks, and hats.
  • – Coach stipends via grants to the Athletic Department (coaches or other employees may NOT, under any circumstances, be paid directly from a BAF fund)
  • – In-season tournaments
  • – Out-of-town travel expenses during the team’s CIF regular season and post season (e.g. van rentals, hotel rooms)
  • – Out-of-town meals, refreshments, and snacks, within reason
  • – Home game meals, refreshments, and snacks, within reason
  • – End-of-year team banquets including food and drink (no alcohol) and venue rental, within reason
  • – Post-season awards (e.g. plaque, team photo, t-shirts), not to exceed $25 per player
  • – Summer insurance for coaches wishing to use BHS facilities to conduct summer workouts for the entire team as part of the group insurance plan arranged by BAF.
  • – Coaching clinics up to $350 (team parent and one other parent signature required for payment)



  • – Direct payment to coaches for bonuses
  • – Gifts for coaches
  • – Personalized items that will be kept by the student-athletes, such as personalized uniforms, practice t-shirts, personalized gear bags, etc.
  • – Out-of-season tournaments
  • – Sport-specific clinics and training camps


Team Funds

Team funds are the funds raised specifically by your team.  The team advocate should know the available balance in the team fund account and approval from the coach is required.  To access these funds:

  • – Coach determines need for team
  • – Discuss intended purchase with the Athletic Director for approval on vendor, artwork, design, and colors.
  • – Purchase items or finalize terms for a direct payment from BAF. 
  • – Fill out online Requisition Form here.  
  • – BAF Treasurer issues reimbursement or payment check within 2 weeks. 


Grant Request

Some equipment is an investment for the future of the team and is beyond the capacity of a single team to fund in one year.  To help cover more expensive purchases that can be used over several years or by multiple sports, BAF has established a Grant program.  Most grants are awarded on a matching funds basis, where the Team raises part of the funds and BAF covers the remainder.  The Athletic Director also initiates Grant Requests to cover software or infrastructure costs intended to benefit the entire athletic department.  To apply for a grant:  

  • – Discuss purchase with the Athletic Director.
  • – Research product specifications and cost, including shipping and tax. 
  • – Fill out online Grant Application Form here.  
  • – Coach and/or Team Advocate attend BAF Board meeting to present Grant Application
  • – If Grant Request approved, BAF Treasurer will either issue payment directly to vendor or a reimbursement check to a parent or coach who paid for the equipment up front.