Parking lot fundraisers are an easy way for Berkeley High sports teams to raise money for their own programs by selling out parking spots on Friday and Saturdays in the Berkeley High staff parking lot.

How it works: 
  • Teams participate in a lottery prior to the start of the school year. A representative from each team must be present.
  • The 2 teams assigned to work together at the same event should contact each other in advance to discuss staffing, logistics and pricing. 
  • On event days, teams should arrive 4 hours prior to set up signs and block off lot for entry.
  • When it is mutually decided between teams, lots can be closed and money is counted and verified by a representative from each team.
  • One adult is responsible for making the deposit at the bank and notifying the BAF Treasurer and coordinator of the deposit
  • After funds have been deposited, the teams working the lot will immediately receive 50% of the total proceeds into their BAF Restricted Team Fund account.
  • 10% of the total proceeds go to BAF to cover administrative expenses (e.g.,insurance).
  • The remaining 40% of deposited proceeds goes into the parking lot fund.
  • At the end of the academic year the parking lot fund will be divided between all participating teams.

2022 Dates are:

September 3 – UC Davis

September 10 – UNLV

September 24 – Arizona

October 22 – Washington

October 29 – Oregon

November 19 – Stanford

November 25 (Friday) – UCLA

If you have questions about the parking lot fundraiser please contact Laura Pantaleo–