Registering Athletes

Eligibility:  All BHS and Berkeley Independent Study students are welcomed to try out for a team.  To be eligible to participate, a student must meet the following basic CIF requirements:

    • Be regularly enrolled in at least twenty semester units at BHS and/or Berkeley Independent Study.
    • Maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average with no more than one F in the quarter prior to and throughout the season of the sport. 

Physical Education Credit:  Five units of PE credit is awarded to those student athletes who successfully complete a season of sports as verified by the program’s head coach and Athletic Department. A student must remain eligible for the entire season and be a committed participant throughout the season in order to earn the PE credit.

Athletic Packet:  Students must turn in a completed BHS Athletic Packet before they may try out.  The physical must have been done within a calendar year of the end of the season sport and may be used as long as it is valid for other sport seasons. Forms are available in the Athletic Director’s office and attached below. You may download the zipped folder containing all documents, or download them individually (pdf format).

Coach and Parent BAF Information 

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