In addition to raising and granting money to the Athletic Department as a whole, the BAF acts as the fiscal agent for your team funds. Per BHS policy and CIF and NCS Bylaws, ALL team funds must be managed in a BAF account.  We are a registered 501C-3 non-profit, so funds deposited into your team’s account are tax deductible.  Our organization is an all-volunteer organization, and in particular the treasurer’s job is extremely time consuming. In order to keep the job manageable, we ask you to work with us to make it as easy as possible.

There are multiple ways to raise funds for your team:

  • > The easiest is to direct donors to make contributions for your team directly on our website here.  Donations will be processed via Paypal and deposited to your account.  
  • > Some of our teams have used outside service providers, such as Snap! Raise, to run successful fundraisers.  These services can be very helpful, but a large processing fee will be charged.
  • > To deposit cash or checks from in person fundraising events or mail-in contributions, follow the steps below to deposit to your BAF account.  

Additionally, BAF holds a few events each year to generate funds for the Athletic Director and Athletic programs in general. We ask that Team Parents and Coaches encourage parents to participate. Our fundraising for the overall program is VERY IMPORTANT as it covers items like the increased Coach Stipends implemented in 2019.


Deposits for cash and checks:  The person making the deposit must record each check on the Donation Spreadsheet below and email it to the BAF Treasurer. YOUR DEPOSIT WILL NOT BE CREDITED TO YOUR TEAM FUND UNTIL THE SPREADSHEET IS FILLED OUT COMPLETELY WITH NAMES, ADDRESSES AND/OR EMAILS, AND THE AMOUNT OF EACH DONATION. Our bank is Mechanics Bank. There is one on Shattuck near the school and one on Solano Avenue. You must write your team name on the deposit slip. You can get preprinted slips from the BAF Treasurer, or the teller at the bank can look up our account

The downloadable Excel form below should be completed prior to making the deposit, and emailed to
BAF needs this information in order to track the donations for tax and financial control issues.  We automatically mail out thank you letters to donations of $250 or more, per IRS regulations.
It is important that the info is on our excel form, so that all donor information can be merged. For example, a parent donates $100 to a fall sport, $100 to a spring sport and then another $100 to another kid’s sport. Collectively that’s $300.  So while  BAF wouldn’t automatically mail a thank you letter for each $100 donation, the cumulative donation of $300 by that parent would generate a thank you letter from BAF, signed by an officer.
We encourage teams to also write their own thank you letters.  BAF thank you letters for donations less than $250 can be emailed if requested.